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How can I help?
How can I be more involved in my child's  elementary experience?
How can I get to know other UWE families?

Volunteer Opportunities

How can I get involved with the school?

How can I get to know the teachers and staff better?

Can I donate  to the school?

How can I help in the classrooms?

If you are glancing through this PTA website, you are probably like most of us on the board, who also asked the questions above. We are all in this for the same reasons - to take an active role in our children's educations. PTA is so appreciative of the time our volunteers put in to support our students and staff.

Committee Meetings will take place following the general PTA meeting on the second Wednesday of each month. PTA meetings begin at 6:30p.m. in the UWE library. Some committee communication will take place through email as well.

PTA is planning to have the following committees during the 2023-2024 school year: 

  • Fundraising: As a member of this committee you would work together to plan, organize, and implement any fundraisers that occur at Underwood. This committee would likely require time during and outside of school hours depending on the fundraiser. For this year we be hosting our fall fundraiser - Color Blast Color Run. Other fundraisers organized for this year include: Dinner Nights, Skating Parties, Smencil Sales, and Coin Wars.

  • Events: As a member of this committee you would be responsible for working together to plan, organize, and run activities sponsored by the PTA that are not fundraising events. Some of these events will include: Trunk or Treat, Fall and Valentine Parties, Movie Night, Glow Dance, 5th Grade Recognition, and so many more!

  • Staff Appreciation: As a member of this committee, you would responsible for working together to recognize our amazing staff throughout the school year. This would include the quarterly staff celebrations, Parent Teacher Conference Meal, and Teacher Appreciation Week. 

  • Community Outreach: As a member of this committee, you would be working to build a strong connection between our school and the community. This committee works to build business sponsors for PTA, as well as supporting the other committees and in their needs throughout the community.

  • Helping Hands: I can't commit to a committee, but email me when you need help or volunteers!

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