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Underwood Elementary

It's hard to believe that we are already half way through the school year! PTA has some exciting things planned for second semester and appreciates your continued support!

As we begin the second semester of this school year, PTA is already looking ahead to the 2024-2025 school year. At our meeting on Wednesday, March 6th, we will be holding our PTA elections for the next school year. There will be open positions within the PTA for next year. In order to continue all of the activities and events provided by PTA, we need future leaders to step up. If you have considered getting involved with PTA in the past, we encourage you to attend our February meeting to see what our PTA is all about! If you questions about PTA or positions available, please don't hesitate to email PTA.

Important things to remember this year:

  1. Our PTA meetings this year are going to rotate days with the hope that more parents will be able to attend. Our meetings will be held in the school library at 6:30p.m. Our meeting dates for the rest of the year are:

    1. Tuesday, February 6th

    2. Wednesday, March 6th

    3. Thursday, April 11th

    4. Monday, May 6th

  2. You can sign up a for PTA membership anytime throughout the year! Only PTA members will have access to the student directory!

  3. Check out the PTA Website! Here you will find out all about PTA, fundraisers, events, staff favorites, volunteer opportunities, etc. Be sure to add all of the dates to your calendar...lots of fun stuff planned!

  4. Join our Facebook Group! - Underwood Elementary PTA. Please make sure to answer the membership questions. We want to keep our UWE families safe!

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