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PTA'S Values

PTA Memberships

​If I join, do I have to...


Go to meetings?    No, but you are always welcome!

Volunteer?             Joining our PTA is not signing up to volunteer. If                                 would like to volunteer we would love your help,                                   but it is not required!


    The purpose of the Underwood Elementary PTA is to enhance and support the educational experiences and develop a close connection between school, home and the community by encouraging parental involvement, and improving the environment at Underwood Elementary through volunteer and financial support.

The benefits of membership are primarily for the students of Underwood Elementary. Membership is one of the foundations of funding that allows our PTA to thrive. Our active and generous membership enables UWE PTA to provide many resources to the students and staff of Underwood Elementary that are outside the scope of the school budget.

PTA Memberships for the 2023-2024 school year:

Staff Membership - $7.00

Family Membership - $15.00

You can use the button below to complete your membership online. You are also can send a check payable to UWE PTA to school with your student. Please place the check in an envelope with the following information: parent's name, student's name, and teacher.


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