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Annual Eagle Fund

PTA'S "UN-Fundraiser"
Do you intensely dislike having to sell 'stuff' to raise funds for an organization? GUESS WHAT...WE DO TOO!

With that in mind, in lieu of asking students and parents to sell items that no one really wants, the Underwood Elementary PTA is launching a new fundraiser -

100% of the donations to the Eagle Fund will go directly to the students and staff at Underwood to help support field trips, family events, Fall and Valentine parties, staff appreciation, and SO much more! Your participation is completely voluntary, but very much appreciated! The suggested amount is $50 per family, however please know that we would greatly appreciate any amount your family feels comfortable donating. Please note that even if you contribute to the "UN-Fundraiser", you will continue to receive fundraising information throughout the year, Please do not feel obligated to take part in these fundraisers.

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